I'm Lynette Garet, founder and lead creative of 8 Snap Communications

8 Snap Communications was born in 2008 after a corporate layoff gave me the nudge I needed to start my own gig. 

With years of experience in copywriting and direct marketing, I came away from the corporate world with a solid, albeit old-school, foundation for marketing and sales. 

As 8 Snap Communications was coming to fruition, traditional marketing methods were quickly becoming obsolete; content marketing was taking center stage and SEO was ever evolving.

At the same time, social media had suddenly given voice to the masses so that consumers gained the power to make or break a business; reputation management became essential. 

Sourcing your content marketing efforts to 8 Snap Communications means employing the services of a professional group, which can help you meet your objectives and maximize your profits. Whether you are establishing a new product, service or brand, or seeking to revise a dated communication strategy or method, our team will ensure that your objectives are met and the results exceed your expectations.

We have a number of highly satisfied clients belonging to diverse sectors such as hospitality, real estate, casino and sportsbook gaming, healthcare, medical marijuana and CBD. Our efficiency, skills and reliability are proven through our long-standing associations with our clients.


Lynette Garet Writer SEO 8 Snap Communications


The strength of our work is a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the clients' long and short-term goals and objectives, and the passion and vision that has laid the foundations of the business. Our extensive research into the clients' position in the relevant sector ensures that we produce communications as close to the heart of the clients' business as possible, reflecting the company's character and aspirations.


We will provide the best web development and digital marketing services in business, as well as sound advice on current best practices, strategic language, reputation management, and customer retention. We assist our clients in conceiving and shaping their marketing messages to match the challenge and choose the best possible mediums for great results.


Our goal is to help small businesses succeed. We seek to provide affordable marketing solutions to entrepreneurs, start ups, non-profits, local, and family owned businesses. We know how much time and effort goes into building a company or organization, and we understand the financial struggles that small entities face. Through strategic practices such as content marketing, we strive to even the playing field.